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Varde Aura 2

Varde Aura 2 The Aura 2 wood burning stove is designed with a wider front, providin...more

Varde Aura 3

Varde Aura 3 At only 870mm high, Aura 3 is the smallest wood burning stove in the A...more

Varde Aura 11

Varde Aura 11 Though the largest in the range at 1100mm high, Aura 11 wood burning s...more

Varde Fuego 1

Varde Fuego 1 Combining geometric lines and subtle curves, the distinctive Fuego 1 w...more

Varde Uniq 13

Varde Uniq 13 Sitting alongside the existing Uniq 1 wood burning stove, the Uniq 13 ...more

Varde Aura 1

Varde Aura 1 The Aura 1 wood burning stove has a large fire chamber with ample fuel...more

Varde Uniq 1

Varde Uniq 1 With its three sides, Uniq 1 is a 180 degree experience. The fire from...more

Varde Fuego 2

Varde Fuego 2 The Fuego 2 wood burning stove offers the same firebox characteristics...more

Varde Shape 2

Varde Shape 2 The Shape 2 is a stunning wood burning stove that will bring life into...more

Varde Samso

Varde Samso Featuring an integral log store as well as a helpful ash draw with sta...more