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Dovre 525

Dovre 525 The Dovre 525 is an attractive modern traditional stove with a 1950’s ...more

Dovre Sense 100 & 103

Dovre Sense 100 & 103 The Sense 100 & 103 are wonderful additions to the growing collection ...more

Dovre 110 & 113

Dovre 110 & 113 The Dovre Sense 110/113 wood burning stove has the signature ultra-con...more

Dovre 200 & 203

Dovre 200 & 203 With subtle curving details, the Sense 200 and 203 feature the same co...more

Dovre Vintage 35

Dovre Vintage 35 The high efficiency Dovre Vintage 35 stove has a contemporary design w...more

Dovre 2CB

Dovre 2CB The Astroline 2CB wood burner has similar contemporary styling to the ...more

Dovre 280 Gas Stove

Dovre 280 Gas Stove The Dovre 280 traditional gas stove is an all new model that blends Do...more

Dovre 425 Gas Stove

Dovre 425 Gas Stove The Dovre 425 traditional gas stove incorporates ‘up-to-the-minute’ ga...more

Dovre 250

Dovre 250 The Dovre 250 traditional multi fuel and wood burning stove is designe...more

Dovre 425

Dovre 425 Available in a selection of deep enamel finishes as well as traditiona...more

Dovre 700

Dovre 700 The Dovre 700 traditional multi fuel and wood burning stove has striki...more

Dovre 225

Dovre 225 New to the Dovre range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves is the di...more

Dovre 3CB

Dovre 3CB With sleek and contemporary styling, Dovre’s new Astroline 3CB stove n...more

Dovre 4CB

Dovre 4CB With similar looks to the Astroline 3CB stove, the Astroline 4CB stove...more

Dovre Zen 100

Dovre Zen 100 Compact yet powerful, this stunning wood burning cassette fire pairs c...more

Dovre 2000

Dovre 2000 Complete with an integral riddling grate, the Dovre 2000 multi fuel fi...more

Dovre Bold 300

Dovre Bold 300 With a four-point stand, the Bold 300 is the latest wood burning stove...more

Dovre Bold 400

Dovre Bold 400 The Bold 400 wood burning stove features a large firebox with a rounde...more

Dovre Bow

Dovre Bow With sleek and contemporary styling, Dovres Bow not only provides an e...more