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ESSE : 350 GreenSwitch Multi-fuel inset boiler stove -FULL ESSE RANGE AVAILABLE-

The 350 GreenSwitch™ is a room heating stove with thermostatic boiler. It has an operating rangeof 14.7kW/h but gives only a modest 3.6kW/h to the room and a generous 11.1kW/h (38,006 Btu) to water. These figures are based on wood burning and will be slightly higher when burning mineral fuel.

The 350 GreenSwitch™ is equipped with a control (the Green Switch) that adjusts the airflow to maintain the most efficient combustion whether burning wood or mineral fuel.

Its large capacity firebox makes the it a versatile woodburner.

Like the rest of the 300 series it fits into a standard fireplace, however a depth of 372mm must be created to allow for its larger capacity firebox.

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Click on any picture for a better view