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Terms & Conditions


1. Fuel: Petroleum Coke is not recommended by HETAS for us on solid fuel burning appliances because it's use can result in serious damage to grates and other appliance components in the fuel bed area. However, a number of products which contain petroleum coke or are blends of petroleum coke with other fuels have been tested and approved. For these fuels approval is conditional on the manufacturer applying and maintaining stringent product control. Some appliance manufacturers restrict the use of these fuels to appliances with high chrome or chrome steel bottom grates. which may be supplied as an optional extra Refer to manufacturers instructions for additional advice

A) Drying out:  All installations must be allowed to dry out and only small fires should be burnt for the first few days of use, no matter how long this may be after installation.

B)  Firing:  Do not over fuel the fire especially where neither a back boiler nor an airflow control grate is being used as this will produce excessive and ash. Where fires are required to burn for a continuous period of time a controlled burning grate must be used to prevent the fire from over firing. All fireplaces not using a controlled burning grate are not suitable for lighting fires for long periods of time ( i.e. no more than 2-3 hours) otherwise excessive heat damage may occur. Excessive heat can cause the following problems; Fire backs disintegrating, Hearth tiles and cracking prematurely, Fire frames buckling and discolouring, Fire bars bending or burning out, Bottom grates breaking or melting, Slab materials cracking e.g. (marble, granite ,slate etc)

C)  All slab materials eg. marble, granite, slate, etc must be sectioned to allow for expansion. Under no circumstances should a real fire be used no matter how infrequent where this is is not the case.

D)  Consumables:  Fire backs, Fire bars, Side tiles, Bottom grates, Throat plates, and any other parts which take the direct heat from the fire are known as consumable parts. This means they have a limited life span. Due to the heat from the fire they will deteriorate and will eventually need to be replaced. 

E) Firebacks:  All fire backs tend to develop minor hairline cracks shortly after the first few fires. This is normal due the the expansion and contacting from the heat from the fire but should give no immediate cause for concern. These cracks are not normally through the complete casting and are usually only surface cracks. If tended with a dressing of fire cement as they occur will correct the problem and prolong the life of the fire back.

F) Ashpans:  Do not allow hot coal / ash to burn on the hearth behind the fire front causing excessive heath on the hearth. Always use a properly fitted ash pan. Failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee. We can only honor the guarantee when genuine grates and ash pans supplied by ourselves are used.

G) Cast Iron:  Polish cast iron can oxodise (rust) if cleaned with a damp or wet cloth or, if raindrops splash down the chimney. This can be rectified by using fine steel wool to clean off the oxidation followed by a metal polish.

H) Slate:  Slate can be maintained to keep it's original look by using Stovax slate dressing.

I) Polishing:  All brass, stainless steel and matt black trims can be maintained by using Stovax cleaning products.

J) Cleaning:  Never ever clean a warm fireplace with a wet or damp cloth. This can cause minor fractures on the glazing of the tiles.

2: Installations:  Whilst we recommend installers they are still self employed and any agreements regarding site visits, installations, specifications, and installation costs are strictly between the appointed installer and the Customer.

3: Note: Requested Call Out:  A call out charge will apply if any problem has been caused due to any of the following; Non maintenance, Neglect, or failure to adhere to any of the above conditions.

4: Claims:  Any claim in respect of faults or missing parts must be made as soon as reasonably possible but certainly within the first four weeks of collection/ delivery.

5: Cancellations:  Any goods specially ordered cannot be cancelled during or after manufacture. Any deposits made cannot be refunded and goods must be paid for in full.

6: Natural Limestone:  Limestone is a natural product and each individual stone will have it's own geological characteristics e.g Colour deviation, veining, fossilising, texture, etc all of which are beyond our control. Therefore while every care is taken during the manufacture to colour match each individual fireplace there could still be some minor variations in each piece of stone after the fireplace has completely dried out.The drying out time can take up to four weeks depending on room temperatures. Maintenance of natural stone is very easy. Should you spill something it can be easily removed using a hard brush and soapy water. Heavily ingrained stains can also be removed by rubbing with a fine sand paper. We also supply a stain remover for age old stains which has penetrated into the stone.

7: Polished marble:  Marble is a limestone therefore great care should be taken to prevent any acidicus liquids such as wine, fruit juice, cola, vinegar, lemon juice or acid containing cleaning materials from coming into contact with the marble and thereby damaging the polished surface. Pot cleaners and scouring powders can scratch and therefore should not be used. Polished marble should be treated with the same care and attention as you would with any other piece of quality furniture. Best care treatment results are often obtained over a period of years by suing a marble wax polish. If applied regularly the surface becomes richer every time it is used. A full range of care and maintenance products are available from our showrooms.

LAMONT FIREPLACES LTD GUARANTEE  This guarantee does not effect your legal rights.

Lamont Fireplaces Ltd guarantee their products for one year from date of purchase against faulty material or workmanship. In the event of any part found to be defective, the product will be repaired or at the company's option be replaced without charge provided that the product

1) has been installed correctly according to standard building regulations

2) has been maintained as recommended in our care and maintenance instructions.

3) goods remain the property of Lamont Fireplaces Ltd until payment has been made in full

4) the company's liability in all cases shall be limited to the cost and repair or replacement of the goods

5) Any product not manufactured by Lamont Fireplaces Ltd are covered under the manufacturers Warranty Terms and Conditions. 

As part of the policy of continuous product improvement Lamont Fireplaces Ltd reserve the right to alter specifications without notice